SAMOA UTANK BASIC - Tank Monitoring Unit

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Part Number:
383 101

Product Overview

240v mains powered stand alone tank monitoring unit.

Controls up to 4 channels.  Each channel can be assigned to a different tank, or multiple channels can be assigned to a single tank.  Integrates an acoustic alarm (buzzer type).

Each channel has a digital input (for contact probes) that triggers a 24v DC output (for controlling solenoid valves, relays, external audible/visual alarms).  Single button for set up.  Key switch for by-pass mode control.

The system can be used to prevent tank overflow (maximum level sensor) or to prevent pump running dry and air entering the oil distribution lines (low level sensor).


Please note: Utank Basic is a stand alone unit and it cannot be integrated into the SAMOA NEX.U. system.

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